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  • Allows you to view and edit all of your PayPal Giving Fund account information.
  • This includes information about:
  • The main contact who manages your account (name, phone, email, etc.).
  • Your organization, which appears on eBay (nonprofit name, mission statement, logo, etc.).
  • Your organization, which only we see (bank account, nonprofit type, Direct Sellers, etc.).
  • Your communication preferences with us.
  • Unless noted, you can edit any field by entering new information and clicking “Update” at the bottom of the Profile page.
  • For Nonprofit Direct Sellers, note that we don't share information between your eBay seller account and your PayPal Giving Fund account. Changing data in one will not change the other.
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  • Profile Info

  • PayPal Giving Fund username
    Your username for logging into your PayPal Giving Fund account. By default, it’s your email address.
  • Password
    Your password will never display in your account. However, you can change it here.
  • Email address
    The address we use to communicate with your organization. If you’re taking over this account for someone who has left the organization, update with your email address.
  • Nonprofit name
    The name that appears in our directory, on eBay listings, etc. Nonprofit names are listed alphabetically in our Nonprofit Directory.
  • Bank account and routing number
    Used to deliver funds to you. To update your bank account, please contact Community Care.
  • Mission statement
    512 characters and spaces or less (about 40 words). Appears in every eBay listing benefiting your nonprofit. Sellers can search for words in your mission statement to find you.
  • Tag line
    90 characters and spaces or less (about 10 words). Appears in eBay Give At Checkout and in some search results. Write a call to action that inspires eBay users to want to give. See how we useQuick look tag lines, and get tipsQuick look for making yours effective.
  • Keywords
    Use up to five other keywords not in your name or mission statement that describe your work. These keywords are used to create better search results for sellers and buyers.
  • Mission areas
    Use up to three mission areas that best suit your nonprofit (hold down the CTRL key to choose more than one). Mission areas are another way to find your organization.
  • Website URL
    The web address you enter will appear as a link on your About My Nonprofit page. Don't type "http://" before your web address; we'll take care of that. Please read our special notice about online fundraising.
  • EIN
    Employer Identification Number (EIN) is usually the number that appears on your nonprofit's 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS.
  • Nonprofit type
    Select the type that best describes why your organization is tax-deductible:
  • 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Churches, mosques and synagogues
  • Subordinates and local chapters of large organizations
  • Small nonprofits (under $5,000 in revenue)
  • Government agencies
  • Address information
    Street, city, state and ZIP for where your organization is located.
  • Contact information
    Name, phone, and fax for the person who administers your PayPal Giving Fund account on a regular basis.
  • General office phone number
    We need a main office number in case we can't reach your main contact (if that person leaves the organization, for example).
  • Agreements
    Shows the date you (or your organization’s representative) agreed to the PayPal Giving Fund Nonprofit User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Also shows whether your organization accepts Donate Now gifts.
  • To opt out of eBay Donate Now, uncheck the box next to the statement "Offer the eBay Donate Now option to support our organization."
  • To opt out of eBay Give At Checkout, uncheck the box next to the statement "Include our organization in eBay Give At Checkout opportunities."
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  • Nonprofit Logo

  • Nonprofit Logo
    Upload a logo in .gif, .jpg or .jpeg format. Other image formats (bitmap, .tiff, etc.) will not upload correctly, and may end your registration session. Your logo must be smaller than 50 kilobytes.
  • For best results, use a color logo 150+ pixels wide, with at least 72 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. Logos smaller than 150 pixels wide may appear fuzzy or distorted. Tall logos look best when they are less than 250 pixels high.
  • Below are examples of good logos for uploading:
  • Examples of logos to upload
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  • Change password

  • To change your password, click the “Change My Password” link. Enter a new password where directed. Passwords must be 6-10 characters long and are case-sensitive.
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  • Email preferences

  • Allows you to make changes to when and how PayPal Giving Fund communicates with you. You can make changes to the following features here:
  • Email address
  • Email news
  • Item email preferences
  • "No-Notification list"
  • Email address
    To update your email address, enter a new one here. Next, we’ll send you a confirmation email.
  • In order to put a new address on file here, you must be able to check this email account immediately so that you may follow the instructions we send in the confirmation email.
  • Email news
    When you register, by default, your communication preferences are set to opt you in to receive email news from us. You can opt-out of these marketing communications at anytime by un-checking this box.
  • Listing email preferences
    These preferences control when (or if) we email you about listings that benefit your nonprofit. You set this preference when you registered and can change it here:
  • Never notify me You will not be notified for any new listings posted on your behalf.
    Notify me about new listings You'll get an email from eBay when someone lists an item for you (except if they are on the "No-Notification" list). You will not be notified of changes made to the listing.
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  • Manage Direct Sellers

  • To add your eBay seller ID as a Nonprofit Direct Seller (also known as connecting your accounts), you must know the eBay user ID and password for the seller account you're trying to add. To add a Direct Seller:
  • Sign in to your PayPal Giving Fund account.
  • Click on the "Manage Direct Sellers" link on the right-hand menu.
  • Click the radio button and the "Go" button.
  • Enter your eBay seller ID and password on the eBay Sign In page.
  • You'll be returned to a PayPal Giving Fund page confirming that your Direct Seller has been added.
  • Note: By adding a Direct Seller here, you're telling us that this eBay seller ID belongs to your nonprofit (as an employee or contract agent), and is selling items on eBay that your organization owns. If this is not true, do not add tbe seller ID as a Direct Seller.
  • Connecting Your Account Box where eBay seller ID is added

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