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  • Blind Center of Nevada
    More than just addressing the needs of Las Vegas’ underserved blind and visually impaired population, the Blind Center of Nevada External Link is a nonprofit organization that changes lives. By hosting social outings and events, the Blind Center of Nevada helps create a sense of community among people who all too often suffer from the isolation wrought by their visual impairments. Likewise, it helps foster personal development through a diverse set of classes ranging from Braille instruction and adaptive computer labs to bowling, nutrition and yoga. But perhaps most importantly, the Blind Center of Nevada helps provide meaningful employment to the visually impaired, not only by teaching them valuable skill sets, but also by empowering them to be creative in the workforce and recognize their unique individual worth.
  • Waking up to the possibilities

  • Traditionally, blind and visually impaired people have been limited to simple assembly jobs, allowing for very little personal input or creative expression. However, as most people are not born with visual impairments but rather gradually lose their sight, many come to the Blind Center of Nevada with some computer skills. Recognizing this deep pool of talent just waiting to be rediscovered, Vice President of Operations Bob Waldorf has made it his mission to develop employment opportunities that better serve the strengths of the visually impaired. And working with eBay for Charity External Link has become an integral part of his strategy.
  • You don’t need sight to have a vision

  • Waldorf has worked with employees at the Blind Center of Nevada to build an electronic recycling business, collecting e-waste (such as old computers, monitors, etc.) for sorting, consolidation and ultimate sale through eBay for Charity. From handling the technical aspects of dealing with e-waste to keying in eBay sales listings to manning customer service centers, all positions are held by people with varying degrees of visual impairment. The recycling business has raised over $1.2 million through Direct Selling External Link and all funds are put back into the Center, allowing for additional adaptive computer training, more salaried positions and a wider array of services, such as workshops so other Blind Centers can follow their lead.
  • The Blind leading

  • Over the past few years, the funds raised for the Blind Center of Nevada via eBay for Charity have grown exponentially, and Bob Waldorf believes they’ve only just scratched the surface. He’s been holding seminars with other blind centers around the country, extolling the possibilities presented by becoming Direct Sellers through eBay for Charity, and inspiring others to do the same. In April 2008 they held a 2 day workshop to teach other Blind Centers how they can use computer recycling and eBay to create meaningful employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired workers. Fifteen centers from across the country attended and many have started their own eBay programs as a result. Not content with succeeding “only in Vegas,” the Blind Center of Nevada is using eBay for Charity to bring their accomplishments to the rest of the world.
  • Visit the Blind Center of Nevada’s About My Nonprofit External Link page and eBay Store External Link.

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