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  • eBay for Charity Charity Ribbon Guide to Auction Events, Step 4

  • During the Auction Event Spread the Word

  • Your listings are live and the bidding is underway! Now it’s time to kick the marketing into high gear.
  • 1.Plan your event 2. Solicit items to sell 3. List your items for sale 4. Spread the word 5. Wrap it up, ship it, and assess how you did. Plan Your Event Solicit Items to Sell List Your Items for Sale Spread the Word Wrap it Up, Ship it and Assess How You Did
  • About Me Pages

    You may want to create a free About Me Page on eBay. Your eBay About Me Page can be easily customized with HTML and can include information on your organization, current eBay listings you’ve created (please note: Community Sellers’ listings won’t show up here), and recent feedback comments. Creating the page is easy and free for all eBay users.
  • See an example About Me Page External Link
    Learn more about creating an About Me Page External Link
  • About My Nonprofit Page

    Your About My Nonprofit Page is where all of your eBay for Charity listings are highlighted (including listings you’ve created plus those created by Community Sellers).
  • This is a dedicated webpage we created for your nonprofit when you registered with PayPal Giving Fund. To find yours, search for your nonprofit in the "Search" box on eBay for Charity or PayPal Giving Fund.
  • See Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s About My Nonprofit page External link
  • Extra features

    eBay offers an array of features to help you bring in more potential buyers to your listings.
  • Consider using some of eBay’s feature options such as highlight External link and Gallery Featured External link. Please note, these services are not free to nonprofits and range in price. They won’t qualify for the eBay for Charity Fee Credit Benefit, so consider your promotional budget before using them.
  • On your website

    Promote the auction event to all your website visitors. You may want to create a special page dedicated just to the auction or add information to an existing page. Either way, include:
  • The auction event’s start & end dates
  • A link to your About My Nonprofit page or About Me Page
  • An explanation of how funds raised from this event will be used
  • Highlights of some of your more interesting items
  • The dollar amount of your fundraising goal (you may also want to include updates throughout the auction event of how close you are to reaching it)
  • Give this page a vanity URL to make it easy for people to remember the page. For instance, try www.nonprofit.org/amazingauction or something similar.
  • All of your promotional materials should point to either your About My Nonprofit Page or About Me Page so supporters can find your listings easily.
  • Tell everyone!

    The more people that know about your auction event, the more likely it is to be a success. Spreading the word is well worth the effort. Here are some ideas to get started:
  • Write a story about the auction event in your nonprofit newsletter
  • Put a large announcement on your website homepage with a link to your About Me Page or About My Nonprofit Page
  • Email supporters when the event goes live and again when it has 24 hours left
  • Ask your corporate donors to add links from their company websites
  • Send a press release to the local media
  • Post a link to your event on relevant discussion boards
  • Include information on your MySpace and Facebook pages
  • Add a link to the auction event in your email signature
  • Managing buyers

  • Questions from users

    Potential buyers may contact you with questions about your listings. Assign one person (preferably the person who did the listing) to be the official responder. Remember, the quicker you can get back to your potential bidders, the happier they will be!
  • Is this bidder for real?

    Wouldn’t it be great to make $1 million from that dusty old painting? That’s always possible on eBay, but remember that sometimes bidders can get carried away in the excitement. Keep an eye on your listings to make sure that the prices are realistic.
  • If you’re uncertain about a buyer, you have the option to cancel their bid External link. It is also possible to block a bidder External link.

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