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  • eBay for Charity Charity Ribbon Guide to Auction Events, Step 3

  • List Your Items

  • Now that you have lots of good stuff to sell, it’s time to create your eBay for Charity listings!
  • 1.Plan your event 2. Solicit items to sell 3. List your items for sale 4. Spread the word 5. Wrap it up, ship it, and assess how you did. Plan Your Event Solicit Items to Sell List Your Items for Sale Spread the Word Wrap it Up, Ship it and Assess How You Did
  • Are your accounts ready?

    By now, you should have already set up your eBay and PayPal Giving Fund accounts, but if you haven’t, this is the time! Be sure to connect your eBay and PayPal Giving Fund accounts too.
  • Recruit some assistants

    If you’re listing yourself, consider recruiting eBay-experienced volunteers or staff members to help write and post your listings. If you’re letting someone else do the work, assistants might be less important here.
  • Create your listings

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when you create your eBay listings:
  • The title is vital
    If people can’t find your listing on eBay, they can’t buy it! Make sure your title is descriptive and contains as many relevant keywords as possible. But avoid keyword spamming External Link.
  • The category counts
    Buyers use categories to browse and find items. So put your item in the best category for what it is. For an extra fee, you can have your item listed in multiple categories.
  • A good description
    This is where you seal the deal. Make sure your description is accurate and tells a story: What is the item? Why is it great? What will you do with the money you receive for the item? eBay has good advice on writing descriptions External Link. You can also look at other items that are similar to what you’re selling for ideas.
  • Picture this
    Clear and crisp images will help encourage bids, and your first photo is free.
  • Set the price right
    Set your starting price as low as possible to get the bidding going - the more bidders you engage the better. Many sellers find great success starting the bidding at $0.99. Be realistic—research your item and look at other listings to see what price these types of items are selling for.
  • Need a guaranteed minimum for what you’re selling? You can set your starting bid at the minimum amount. Another option is to set your starting bid as low as you are comfortable with, but include a Buy It Now External Link price at the value you feel is right—this gives the buyer a sense of the item’s worth.
  • Shipping and handling
    Charge enough for shipping to cover your costs (including packaging), but be careful not to overcharge—buyers really don’t like that.
  • Method of payment
    How do you want to be paid? Providing multiple payment options will make paying more convenient for your buyer. Learn more about common payment methods External Link on eBay.
  • Ready, set, list!

    When it’s time to post, there are two ways to get your listings live on eBay:
  • Post them one-by-one through eBay’s listing form
  • Post them using a bulk listing tool External Link
  • Either way you go, we strongly recommend using eBay’s scheduled listing feature External Link. This allows you to list your items up to three weeks before you want the bidding to start. Buyers can’t see your listings until they "go live," but you get plenty of time to fine-tune (eBay charges a small fee per scheduled listing External Link).

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  • Did You Know?
  • A letter to Rush Limbaugh raised $2.1 million in 2007– an eBay for Charity record!

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